After Hours Procedures

What is considered an after-hours call?

Our call-center hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 7:30AM – 7:30PM CST

Friday: 7:30AM – 6:30PM CST

Saturday: 9AM – 4:00PM CST

Phone Number: 888-901-2092

Any call to PDC that occurs outside of the hours listed above falls into the After-Hours Category.  We currently have 7 client support staff members in our call-center.  This staff has an on call rotation 24/7/365, with holidays included. 

When to call PDC: if you admit a patient after-hours and need medication that same night/ day, please call PDC with the patient name, diagnosis, ID number, and date of birth.  Once the patient is successfully in PDC’s system, you may then call the pharmacy with your order.  

You will also need to call PDC if you’re ordering a new Non-Formulary or Tier 3 medication that is covered by hospice.  If the medication is formulary or not covered by hospice, you do not need to call PDC.  We ask that you send an updated med list as soon as you can anytime the med sheet is updated or edited.

The pharmacy might need our processing information if they are unfamiliar with PDC. 

BIN: 015962


ID Number: SSN or other identifier number – make sure it is the same number you gave PDC

Group: No group number required

If the pharmacy has any trouble, please have them call our support staff.