Assistant Clinical Accounts Manager


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About the Position

Position Responsibilities

The role of the Assistant Clinical Accounts Manager is to work in close coordination with the Client Relations Team, as well as with the Customer Service Department, to ensure close communication with all PDCRx clientele. In addition to daily correspondence and engagement with clients, the Accounts Manager will assist the Sales and Marketing Department with sales campaigns, marketing, and social media. Occasional travel will be necessary as a PDCRx representative at national conferences, as well as current and potential client site visits.


Job Responsibilities:

1.Assist Client Relations team with client calls on a continuous basis, as well as in-person site visits.

2.Contribute and assist with marketing and sales campaigns.

3.Promote the marketing of PDCRx:

a.Social Media presence
b.Attendance of state/national conferences

4.Support Client Relations and Customer Service with swift resolution of client and/or pharmacy discrepancies.

5.Other responsibilities as assigned.

Desired Skills:

1.Ability to work as a strong team player.
2.Experience with successful conflict resolution.
3.Technologically proficient (i.e. data entry, typing skills, spreadsheet/Word).
4.Excellent verbal and written language and grammar.

1. Employee passes reasonable and appropriate background checks which include criminal background checks.  

2. Maintain HIPAA compliance and confidentiality at all times and protect all personal health information (PHI) as it relates to patient data.


Full-time position at $ 15.00 per hour. Employee is eligible for medical benefits after 30 days of continuous employment and 401(k) following 60 days of continuous employment.

Full-Time Position to be filled:

October 1, 2018

Please note that background checks, drug testing, and personality profiles may be required

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