PDC has the ability to provide formulary management. We have developed our formulary through intensive research and development as well as input from our hospices, outside pharmacists, and clinicians.  We continue to improve each day thanks to the input from our wonderful clients. Let PDC take the confusion out of formulary for you!

The formulary is simple to use and is an effective tool for ensuring that the prescriptions you pay for are related only to the patient’s admitting diagnosis. If using our formulary, you will ALWAYS have the final say in what prescriptions you want to pay for, even if they are outside the formulary. You are in complete control over your prescription drug plan.

If your organization chooses, we can implement your custom-designed formulary into our program at no additional charge. Over the years we have developed an outstanding formulary staff complimented with some of the best formulary management tools available. No formulary is too difficult for PDC...
We guarantee it.     Download the PDC Formulary here.


E-Prescribing with rxnt

E-Prescribing is the process of generating and transmitting a prescription or renewal request electronically from the point of care to the pharmacy. PDCrx has partnered with RxNT's tool to provide the pharmacy with the doctor's signed prescription, allowing medications to be dispensed faster. For over 17 years, RxNT has focused on developing a cloud-based e-Prescribing (eRx) solution to streamline today's ambulatory practices' workflow without disrupting patient-care. RxNT|eRx is available for iOS and Android applications to improve mobility for hospice providers. Our comprehensive training and support is offered at no additional cost! 


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