March Company Newsletter


Please note that the company goals for the
calendar year of 2019 are:


2019 PDCRx Company Goals:

Welcome to 2019, PDC Family!!

We are excited to announce our 2019 company goals, which as always, are only going to be obtainable with the help of EVERYONE!!

  1. 97% retention rate

  2. 20 new hospice or 2,000 hospice patients
    (or lives)

  3. 2 new backbill pharmacies

What's New?!

Let’s celebrate our 2019 new clients added:
HomeNurse Hospice - Griffin, GA (August 1, 2018)
Charlin Hospice (February 1, 2019)

We are no longer servicing the following

Marquardt Hospice – Watertown, WI (January 29, 2019)

Did You Know…

Did you know that PDCRx provides Clinical Material for you and your hospice team?

In each newsletter we produce, we include a “Clinical Pearl” or educational material covering a wide range of topics. We then turn the Clinical Pearl into a PowerPoint that can be easily shared with your hospice team to further education. Developed by the PDCRx Clinical Team, these resources are readily available at your fingertips through your PDC Shared Work account.
We are constantly looking for feedback and/or topics that you would like to see covered or that you think your hospice would benefit further from.

Here is a list of Clinical Material that we have already prepared:

•    How to Have the Difficult Conversations
•    Do We Still Need All of These Meds?
•    Everybody Gets A Zofran!! But should they…
•    Pain Management and Opioids
•    Methadone Utilization
•    Deciding Appropriate Medications for End of Life

Do you have a topic for Clinical Material that you would like to see covered?
For more information, contact Taylor Bradshaw at

Is there something you would like to be addressed or discussed on the newsletter or blog?! If so, please let Jaymie know at

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Let's Get To Know Each Other!

Pharmacy Developement & Operations Specialist

Louise JordanLouise is a mother of 1 beautiful daughter (Kathrine) and grandmother of 3 very handsome boys (Braiden 3, Eli 1 and the newest addition Isaac 2 weeks old) and 1 dog Babi who thinks he owns the house and everything in it!!!

Louise started as a Customer Service Rep after a year was offered the position of Customer Service Manager, which she gladly accepted, after 5 years of it she was ready for a change, she is now the Pharmacy Development & Operations Specialist.  Louise has been with PDC for approximately 7 years, she is originally from Canada…yes PDC loves Canadians.  She is from Gatineau, Québec, her first language is French and yes, she, like Brent loves Tim Horton coffee and donuts.  What brought her to Tulsa, OK you ask…her husband Philip.  They met more than 20 years ago and will be married 19 years in July.
In her spare time Louise loves to spend time with her family, loves to cook and share recipes. 

Clinical Pearl…

March Blog

What is “Total Pain”?…

Ever had a patient who you felt you had to continually go up and up and up on the pain and anxiety meds? Well…there is a good chance the “pain” is not just physical pain. According to Dame Cicely Saunders, there are multiple facets of pain that can all manifest in the form of physical pain:

1.    Psychological (What will death feel like? Will it hurt? Underlying anxiety? Lack of sleep/rest?)
2.    Spiritual (Beliefs in Heaven? Is there an afterlife? Have I done all I can in this Earthly life?)
3.    Social (Are my finances in order? Will my family be taken care of? Have I made amends with all family and friends? Who will take over care on my pets, children, work, etc.?)
4.    Physical (Actual physical pain? Anticipatory pain?)

Continue Reading…
Just For Fun…
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