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Did You Know…

We love engaging in our community and the communities that encompass the Hospices we serve!

Take a look at how PDCrx has contributed to special causes throughout 2018:
  • PDCrx donated to the Tulsa Girls Art School, where our President, Paul, and his wife, Jani, were the 2018 Patrons. TGAS teaches entrepreneurship, fiscal responsibility, art show curation, and public speaking skills to their students.
  • In September, PDCrx took our efforts to Wisconsin, the origin of our wonderful president, Paul! We attended a Sporting Clay Shoot Out benefitting a local hospice in their efforts to provide better hospice care to the community.
  • As the holiday season approaches, we are turning it up a notch! PDCrx is a continuous participant in Lefty’s Adopt-A-Family, benefitting Tulsa Legacy Charter School. Legacy creates a culture of excellence by providing a rigorous, arts-infused curriculum that prepares students for college and the world beyond.
  • Throughout November, PDCrx has worked to gather undergarments and toiletries for the clients of Family & Children’s Services. F&CS provides hope and healing to over 120,000 individuals each year, or one in six Tulsans. They heal hurting and abused children, strengthen families and provide hope and a path to recovery for those battling mental illness and addiction.
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Clinical Pearl…

YOU get a Zofran…. and YOU get a Zofran and YOU get a Zofran…

We’ve all said it…”Just give them some Zofran.” But is that really going to help everyone?

Turns out, probably not.

To truly understand and appropriately treat a patient’s nausea, you have to understand the pathophysiologic cause specific to that patient.
What’s the easiest way to remember the various causes of nausea, you might ask? Just remember the V.O.M.I.T. acronym. Fitting, huh??

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DiGi Graham,
D.Ph. Doctor of Pharmacy

Director of Clinical Services and Pharmacy Development
DiGi received her degree of Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1995. When she graduated school, she immediately entered pharmacy as a compounding pharmacist and  hospice consultant, working with local hospices on medication management and clinical consulting by attending IDG’s as well as servicing the prescription needs of local hospice patients. DiGi owned a compounding and retail pharmacy for more than 10 years during this time, servicing not only hospice patients but creating innovative medication solutions for both humans and animals. DiGi's favorite animals she has been lucky enough to treat were the bull sharks and the miniature shrimp at The Oklahoma Aquarium. DiGi says, “In my spare time, I love to travel and my second passion, next to being a hospice consultant pharmacist, is photography. Travel + photography = amazing joy! I have a 4 year old son that I absolutely adore and who also keeps me running. I’d love to say that he keeps me young, but actually, it makes me feel old and tired at times! He is the light of my life and I enjoy watching him grow and learn. I sometimes have to ask myself if, indeed, AM I SMARTER THAN A 4 YEAR OLD??? Which, brings me to another love…..wine. I do enjoy a nice red after a long day!”

DiGi is the best! We are so lucky to have her on our team! Thanks for all you do, DiGi!!
Just For Fun…

The holidays are here & it’s time to celebrate!! After stuffing ourselves with a yummy Thanksgiving meal (or multiple meals) our team got to thinking.. what are our favorite Christmas traditions??

We took this question companywide and here are a few of the favorite festive traditions had by PDCrx employees:

“My mother in law likes to go around the room before we open gifts and each person tell what has happened in their life this year.  It is a nice way to catch up on the people you love since we are all spread so far and wide.”
-Beth Tindle

”Well I’m sure everyone here knows my favorite holiday is Christmas because to me it’s all about Family-Love-Togetherness. Every Christmas as the turkey is in the oven and the coffee is on!  Kathrine, Terry and the kids come over and we start opening our gifts one by one, including our dog Babi.  Once we are done opening our gifts, we call the family in Canada and Baltimore to wish them a Merry Christmas as well.  As we wait for the turkey to be ready, I make breakfast and we watch the movie “A Christmas Story” all together.  Once the turkey is ready, we gather at the table, say Grace and everyone gets to say a little something special that is near and dear to their heart, then we dig in and enjoy the food and the company. Take time to appreciate your loved ones!!!”
-Louise Jordan

“Some of my favorite holiday traditions would be going to Rhema with my family (we have a 4 year old daughter) to look at Christmas lights, spending time and eating with family on Christmas Day. Also, you can’t forget the traditional cookies and milk for Santa, and the big arrival on Christmas Day. This year we started a new tradition with the Elf on the Shelf- and adopted an elf named Jingle-Puff , it was been a huge hit. My daughter LOVES it.”
-Nikki Barnes

“We have a small tree for each child or grandchild and they get to pick the theme!”
-Debbie Redwine

“One of our favorite family traditions is to buy a new, special ornament every year. My husband, stepdaughter Allison, and I go to Rathbone's around Christmas time and each of us choose an ornament to add to the Christmas tree. It's something fun and special for the three of us to do as a family. We have dinner at my in-laws’ home on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts. Then on Christmas Day everyone comes to our house and my husband and I cook dinner for them...beef tenderloin this year... And we all just hang out and enjoy each other's company.”
-Emily Hammer

“Back in 2008, my cousins and I started doing a cousin pyramid! Over the years, some were getting married or having kids, so our pyramid got bigger! Our family, as you might know because of Jordan, is very goofy! We even reenacted a picture we took back in 2001 lol!”
-Ashlyn McBride

See Pics of Cousin Pyramid Below-
Where Will PDC Be This Month?
At home with our families and friends celebrating the holidays.

We hope the same for you!!
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