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Did You Know…

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Did you know that there is a meaning behind the PDC Fun Lady/mascot?

At Palliative Drug Care, we always keep the patient in mind. Many of our employees have either worked one-on-one with patients in palliative care or have had a family member in hospice. Life will end for all of us at some point, as harsh as that may sound, but that is why it is called the “circle of life”. To us, this lady represents someone who enjoys their final years, their final days. We may not all be able to dance around, some of us may not be able to remember, and others of us will need constant monitoring. We don’t all end up in the same mental and physical state during our final days, but we will all want a level of care that makes us feel like this lady looks. She looks happy and she looks cared for.

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Clinical Pearl…

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How to Have the Difficult Conversations…
Do you understand the difference between palliative care and hospice? If not, let me give the quick schpeel, then I’ll talk more about how to have these super hard discussions regarding a patient diagnosis, prognosis, etc.

Palliative care is the aggressive symptom management for anyone with a chronic or severe illness. With that being said, all hospice care is palliative care, but not all palliative care is hospice. This means that you can STILL be receiving palliative care (aggressive symptom management) even while aggressively treating your chronic or terminal illness. An example of this would be a cancer patient who is wanting to continue to pursue chemo/radiation treatments, but needs more assistance with symptoms – in walks palliative care!

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Mark and his wife Sara Image
Mark with his wife Sara

Mark Lewandowski,
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder
Mark Lewandowski started his career at age 16 learning to sell expensive custom suits from one of the great clothiers of his time.  Frustrated with working for minimum wage and making other people rich, Mark and his college roommate started a window cleaning business that still remains today.  While running the window cleaning company for 8 years, Mark learned the art of closing the sale and leveraging relationships to radically grow small business.  IBM called and Mark took a job in Sales in 1988 which proved only that he was not meant for big corporate crap.  
While working in his 20s, Mark completed an MBA and a Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Idea Generation and Creativity.  Mark was lucky enough to be mentored by great minds such as: Gene Swearingen, Rinne Martin, Harry Coblenz and business leaders such as Jim Bigl, Mark Wright, Bert Brodsky, and Jeff Walker.  

Mark knew that to achieve his life goals he needed to continue specialized education beyond the doctoral work.  He did his Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor credential at Loyola of Chicago and at age 51 completed the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program from the Stanford University.
Using life experiences, education and great mentors to his advantage Mark has served in leadership roles at Interchange PMP as President, NMHCRX as Senior Vice President, and currently is serving as CEO for three companies in the healthcare claims processing space.  

Mark’s passion is teaching and leading brilliant minds to discover the secrets of business success through the Mind Your Business Show radio show and his Podcast at DRMARKLEW.COM.
Just For Fun…

Love Stories…

It was a beautiful springtime day, the birds were chirping melodious sonnets, whimsically dancing through the effervescent sky. A homeless man resembling a pied piper lead me to the magical land called Reasors—a beautiful oasis with all of life’s needs in the desert landscape we call Tulsa. The produce isle called to me like a siren to Homer. As it turned out, that wasn’t the isle calling me, it was an angel sent from above. Named Angel. As I couldn’t help but lock eye’s with her pulchritudinous eyes that dazzled the room and her captivating smile that would warm you up on a cold day in Chicago. It was at that instant that I believed in love at first sight. Cupid had struck me with his arrow.
JMac and Angel
Jonathan McIntosh

We met when I was probably 5 years old, not knowing I would fall madly in love with him, because my sister and I would always go over to our cousins (Jordan & Brennen + their brother) and play outside! He lives about 4 houses down from them—at the end of the street, while my cousins were in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Fast forward 12 years and I see him at the high school I transferred to my junior year! We recognized each other and it started our friendship back over after all the years. Towards the middle of basketball season we started dating, but sadly broke up 3 months later, due to him going off to college. We only dated for a couple months, but my heart was so broken and I had no clue why…little did I know God had something better in store for us! As time went by, before I knew it, I was graduating high school and planning to play college basketball in Kansas at a school that just so happens to be an hour away from him. Summer of 2014 started off very rocky due to a break up with my, then, boyfriend but in comes Jordan guns blazing hahah! We started talking again and on November 22nd, 2014 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together ever since and I can’t imagine my life without him ❤ Side note/super cheesy note: he chose 11/22 because he knows those are my favorite numbers.  We ALWAYS write notes to each other for Valentine’s day and save them for our future old selves to read later on in life.                
Ashlyn and Jordan
Ashlyn McBride

Jason (my then boyfriend of 10 months) asked me to come pick him up from class at Oklahoma State University after he was finishing a GIS project. I honked at him, because it was October and cold. He then came to the door of the car, all dressed up, and asked me to walk with him. It was just after dusk and he walked me to the front of the Student Union at OSU (where they was incredible lighting and beautiful landscaping) where he asked me to go open a large box. I did, and there was a tiny, baby chocolate lab puppy! I was ecstatic…but when I held her up to the light to get a better look, I saw a diamond ring and turned around to see him kneeling then he asked me to marry him. We then got married 4 weeks later with an ice chest of Coors Light surrounded by our closest friends and family. It’s now been 13+ years.
Jaymie and Jason
– Jaymie Wilson
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