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Did you know that our very own Executive Vice President and Founder, Dr. Mark Lewandowski, recently released a thought-provoking book called Thinking Reimagined? This book is a guide to assist you in your personal pursuit to lead hospice into an amazing and rewarding future. 

“The human capacity to continue to grow and develop mentally has no bounds outside of self-imposed limitations. Critical thinkers can become highly creative thinkers given the right tools and environmental modifications. People who doubt the value of their ideas can become real innovators within organizations and communities by simply learning how to employ their ideas into a system. Impactful ideas for growth, change and success are already in the corners of your mind waiting to be discovered.”    - Mark Lewandowski

Want to read more about how to employ your ideas and innovate your hospice?  For a FREE copy Contact: Taylor Bradshaw at taylor@pdcrx.com
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Clinical Pearl…

What does Hospice do about Insulin?

Insulin is one of those controversial hospice medications when it comes to deciding coverage.
However, let’s think through this more systematically and objectively…
Who covers the cost of insulin?

1.   Is the diabetes related to the primary diagnosis?

        a.     It can most likely be considered related in patients with CHF, end-stage    renal, coronary artery disease, or cerebrovascular disease.
                 i.     In this case, if there is clear evidence that tight glycemic control is necessary to the primary diagnosis, the hospice should cover the insulin.

         b.     It may or may not be the case if the primary diagnosis is peripheral artery disease when the peripheral artery disease is directly impacting the prognosis. This also would apply to patients with peripheral artery disease which results in a gangrenous limb.

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Taylor Bradshaw

Accounts Manager

Taylor has been an Accounts Manager at PDC since September of 2018. She grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and loves watching Tulsa grow into a place full of creativity and fun things to do. Taylor loves live music and local bands, her beautiful puppy Jenny, being in the sunshine, and taking her kayak to the lake. She enjoys trying new restaurants and loves hanging out with her family and friends. Her favorite part of working at PDC would be the team she gets to work with and attending conferences which allows her to share what a wonderful company PDC is with hospices across the nation.

Thank you for all that you do Taylor!

Let's Talk?

Would you like a refresher on the hospice requirements in order to work with PDC, such as sending us Face Sheets, Medication Profiles, and patients that are no longer on service with you?

We are happy to schedule an in-service with your hospice to go over this and much more.

Throughout a 30 minute or less in-service we can cover the process of making sure PDC has all of the necessary patient information, as well as touching on Shared Work (where we post your invoices, reports, clinical guidance, and medication reviews), and PDC Reporting (a portal that allows you to run real time reports, such as your Active Patient Report, Non-Formulary Report, Delivery Report, and much more).

If you are interested in scheduling an in-service, email Taylor Bradshaw at taylor@pdcrx.com or call her at 918.516.7372.

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