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Did You Know…

PDC offers Real-time Reporting!
Did you know you have access to real-time reporting with just the click of a button via PDC Reporting?!
PDC Reporting (a.k.a. PDC Analytics) can be accessed via www.pdcrx.com → Client Login → PDC Analytics. This platform provides data such as Top 10 most expensive medications used by your hospice, Active Patient Reports, Medication Reviews, Antibiotics Reports, Delivery Reports, and the list goes on…

For more information, contact
Taylor Bradshaw at taylor@pdcrx.com.

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Clinical Pearl…

Deciding Hospice Appropriate Medications

Is this prescription expensive? Is this a medication that is covered by hospice? Is this drug right for a hospice patient?

These are questions that run through a nurse’s head when deciding and ordering medications for their hospice patients. In order to understand how to make these decisions, there are some key objectives that need to be discussed. Such objectives include the concept of polypharmacy, the ability to identify necessary and unnecessary medications in the hospice setting, and the ability to recognize the various pharmacologic classes as well as their possible alternative therapies, if any.
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Meet Brent Stapleton

Brent is a musician, father of 3 children (daughter Jade and McCartney, son Jett) and 1 dog (Phoenix), chicken coup connoisseur, classic rock band enthusiast and PDCrx’s very own behind-the-scenes magic man. All those weekly and monthly reports, as well as the friendly and prompt messaging via PDC Shared Work – all thanks to this guy! Brent has been a vital part of the PDCrx family for 8 years, but he originates from somewhere much... much... colder - Brandon, Manitoba, Canada! (Sorry) He misses his friends, family, Canada’s premier coffee and donut obsession, and Tim Hortons Café & Bake Shop. Although he misses these things, they aren’t enough to leave Tulsa’s seemingly light winter for the real winter weather Canada used to deliver him. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true what they say about Canadians: Brent is literally one of the nicest human beings you can imagine…which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has had any sort of correspondence with him!
    Despite the winter weather upgrade, the real reason Brent finds himself in Tulsa is because of his lovely wife and the family they have built. In a past life, Brent worked as a musician in Las Vegas, Nevada. One magical night, he met his now-wife, Tobie, who was visiting Wendover, Nevada from Tulsa, Oklahoma, thanks to winning a radio contest! The story goes: Brent introduced himself on a set break, they exchanged numbers, and the rest is history! After marrying and living in Vegas briefly, they moved to Tulsa to raise their children near family.

Brent is a talented and well-rounded fellow in many ways and we are so lucky to have him on our team! Thanks for all you do, Brent!!

November is
National Gratitude Month

This month is National Gratitude Month and our Human Resources Coordinator, Emily, shared with us why this is so important to remember. She shared, “The benefits of practicing gratitude are many! It can be as easy as jotting down a thought or two a day about what you are grateful for on paper, telling people in your life why you appreciate them, and/or focusing on the positive in situations throughout your day.” Thank you Emily, hopefully we can all instill these practices into our day-to-day lives.

Here are a few reasons PDCrx employees are feeling grateful this month-
“I am thankful for my beautiful family and co-workers and bosses who support family first!” 
-Jaymie Wilson, Clinical Account Manager

“I’m grateful for waking up every morning, having a house w/air conditioning and heat when needed, food on the table, surrounded by awesome people, a workplace that cares about us, but most of all I’m grateful for my family and extended family and every precious moment I can spend with them. I’m grateful for God’s Grace every day of my life!”
-Louise Jordan, Pharmacy Development & Operations Specialist

“I’m very thankful for toe nail clippers.  I lost my big toenail in Mexico back in 2006 and it grew back really awkward and without a toenail clipper they probably would have had to cut off my toe because it was so in-grown.  Also very thankful for my dogs and people who donated to the Tulsa Girls Art School this year.”
-Paul Hagen, President & Founder

“I’m grateful for a job that I take ownership of and get to make my own. I get to add my personality to it, for example, making up Employee Recognition programs, offering meditation classes, sending gratitude reminders to people to give them ideas of how to show gratitude, etc.  I’m grateful that I have people in my life – at home and at work – that love and appreciate me and that I feel the same way about them. I’m grateful for 70 degree weather in November, the beautiful fall colors, coffee (always), hot cocoa, my family of kitties, my precious husband, and co-workers I consider friends.” 
-Emily Hammer, Executive Assistant & Human Resources Coordinator  

“I am grateful for my family’s health and for having two of the best employers anyone could ask for.”
-Jordan Evans, Senior Account Manager
Just For Fun…
It was a wonderful and spooky Halloween here at PDCRx! There is nothing like celebrating a successful October with dressing up and surprise pizza at lunch. (Thank you, Paul!)

Here are some pictures of the fun had at PDCRx:
Where Will PDC Be This Month?
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