Medication Reviews!!


Big changes are coming, folks!

So for those of you who don’t send us patient med sheets on a regular basis, I strongly encourage you to do so!

Here are a few major reasons why this is important:

1. Cost containment – With the med sheets, we are able to enter into our system all medications that are specified as either “covered” or “not covered” according to the patient’s diagnosis and the hospice’s prescribing preferences. When we enter something as “not covered” this keeps it from running through at the pharmacy and being billed to the hospice.

2.  CMS compliance – Our PharmD team completes a medication review for each patient upon admission (and receipt of med sheet, of course) and with any medication change within 24-72 hours.

3.  Clinical assistance – This is the best part!! With the PharmD notes, your team will have access to tips on duplicate therapies that you might have ordered, monitoring parameters for certain medications, and…*drum roll*…ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES for some of your more expensive mediations!


Added Value with PDCrx…

We are very excited to be offering alternative therapies on all med reviews – this is an added value to PDC’s medication reviews which makes them even more complete and comprehensive!!


Jaymie Wilson, APRN-CNP, ACHPN