who we are

Fun People. Clinical Guidance. Truly Different.

For 20 years now, PDC has been helping hospices all over the nation. As one of the very last family-owned and operated hospice claims processors, PDC continues to thrive. It was 2001 when our founders, Paul Hagen and Mark Lewandowski, heard about a hospice that was struggling with the high cost of prescription drugs. With already existing knowledge of the prescription medication industry, Paul and Mark put their expertise to good use and formed a new company, PDC. The service PDC provided then is just as simple as it is today. Our company helps hospices acquire medications from the pharmacy at a fair price while ensuring a high level of patient care through innovative palliative solutions. Needless to say, Paul and Mark fell in love with the hospice industry. Today, our company is built on the virtues that Paul and Mark started back in 2001. We truly believe that being personal is the only way to do business in the hospice industry. That’s why with PDC, it is never business. It’s always personal.


Now, let’s get up close and personal.