PDC offers the best pricing available in the palliative care industry while working hard to maintain an appropriate reimbursement for the pharmacy. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to you. Our system uses the lower of logic to determine the best price available at the time of claim submission by the pharmacy based on your contracted rates. We can perform pricing comparisons based on retroactive claims data from your current pharmacy bill and show you savings comparisons for each individual drug.

If you are a pharmacy, we work with you and your pricing to make sure you get the price you deserve and expect while maintaining the standardization palliative care requires. Our systems allow you to set your own pricing schedules based on delivery, compounding, commercial products, and after hours time and deliveries. We value the relationship we have with our pharmacies and pharmacists and respect the time and effort they give to palliative care.

Our goal at PDC is to create a win/win scenario where both the pharmacy and palliative care organization work together to provide the best possible care for the patient.