Palliative Drug Care

Fun People. Clinical Guidance. Truly Different.


Palliative Drug Care

Fun People. Clinical Guidance. Truly Different.

PDC is a family-owned and operated hospice (PBM) pharmacy benefits management company that has been partnering with hospices all over the nation since 2001

With PDC, it is never business. It’s always personal.

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Hospices that love using local pharmacies

We STRONGLY believe that behind every great hospice is a great local pharmacy. We love local pharmacies just as much as you do!

hospices that want to save money

Managing prescription cost is easy. Good business equals business where everybody wins. We make sure the pharmacy is paid a fair price and the hospice is billed a fair price. It really is that simple.

hospices that want to know and trust their prescription managers

Here at PDC, our word is worth more than the contract we sign. We make it a point to be personal.

hospices that need help

PDC is more than just a company who helps hospices manage their prescription cost. Think of us as your hospice advisor or coach. If we can’t help you, we know someone who can. And that is a money-back-guarantee.

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hospices that prefer talking to robots and being put on hold

Unfortunately, PDC only allows real people to answer our phones when you call. When you call PDC, you will talk to the same people every time. Hopefully you like our accents!

Hospices looking for the thrill of being bamboozled

Overselling and under-delivering is not something we offer here at PDC. We find it much easier to just be honest about what we can do for you.

Hospices seeking long-term contracts

The last thing we want is for our hospice partner to feel “trapped” in a partnership with us because of a contract. Instead, we choose to win your affection and approval everyday.

hospices that prefer being given a work order number

When you call to get something done, we don’t give out a work order number so you can stay up to date on the status of your request. We instead just go ahead and get your request taken care of right then and there.